Ecosystem DAOs

The CTRL ecosystem is designed to support micro economies both on the league level and on the team level. To do this, we will introduce the concept of League DAOs and Team DAOs.

League DAOs

Leagues are an essential part of the Control ecosystem. Each league manages its own tokenomics and economy and oversee all the teams within that league. A league is formed when a new instance of a League DAO smart contract is deployed on chain and it's treasury funded with a predetermined amount of $CTRL Token. The new league assigns rules around how to participate in the DAO, and deploys Team DAO contracts as well. For example, a League DAO might decide to give each team in the DAO one vote, with a tie breaker going to its commissioner. DAO decisions can range from league rule changes, if and which new teams are allowed to join the league, and how to spend the DAO's treasury. They can also vote on NFT minting decisions such as supply and how to calculate voting power for a particular fan.

Responsibilities might include:

  1. Team rewards distribution

  2. Development and Incubation of new teams

  3. Treasury Management

  4. Other League management decisions (expansions, rules, etc.)

Team DAO

A Team DAO always lives under a League DAO, and is responsible for managing the fans and community within a specific team in the league. Fans who are part of a Team DAO, and will be able to vote individually on changes within their team, but collectively on changes to the league.

Responsibilities might include:

  1. Fan reward distributions

  2. Fan acquisition, retention, and incentives

  3. Other Team management decisions such as marketing campaigns, franchise player recruiting, trading players, player bonuses, etc.

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