Play Call System

Offensive play selection including:

  • Select play options sent to fans for voting – based on data about the current game situation (e.g., down, distance, yard line, score, time on clock), plays that have been successful in similar situations in the past, the current archetype composition on the field for the offense and the defensive lineup, an AI model will select the best collection of possible plays to send to the fans for voting;

  • Score play probability of success – each of the plays sent to fans will be scored with a probability of success, which is presented to fans;

  • Recommend plays to fans – utilizing the success scoring of each play and the other data that was analyzed in the selection of the play collection, AI can recommend the optimal play to run for fans’ consideration; and

  • Select play to run – in a scenario where the AI runs the team, a model will select the play to run without a fan vote in a true Man vs Machine matchup.

Defensive alignment – based on game situational data and the offensive lineup, AI will determine how the defense should align for the upcoming offensive play.

Design of new plays – not only the design of new plays, but removal of poorly performing plays and modification of existing plays in the team’s playbook. All of this driven by AI-powered analysis of the success of various plays in given situations and the archetypes comprising the offense for the team.

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