🏀Fan Controlled Hoops

Fan Controlled Hoops (FCH) is a groundbreaking league that seeks to redefine the sport by combining fan participation with a dynamic 4v4 format played on an interactive LED screen that serves as a full sized basketball court. With an emphasis on fan decision-making and immersive gameplay, FCH will offer fans an unparalleled basketball experience that brings them in as a key part of the live game action like never before.

Immersive Viewing Experience

The live in app game board experience allows fans to simultaneously watch the game and affect its outcome. Fans vote on which sections of the court to light up, and when a section is lit, any shot from the lit section has increased scoring. Additionally, fans vote on starting lineup, make substitutions and work to help their teams earn powerups that give them a competitive advantage in the game.

Similar to FCF, the FCH will launch with a host of key distribution partners and brand sponsors that will help to drive sizable global scale from the very first game. Additionally, a host of notable NBA and WNBA legends have already signed on as co-owners of the FCH's initial four teams - along with a host of well known musicians, entertainers and athletes.

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