Game Day Decisions

Game planning – an ensemble of AI models will analyze the composition of their opponent as well as the archetypes of the subject team to optimize roster, lineup, playbook and other game day tactical and strategic decisions.

Starting Lineup & Substitutions – determining in real time when to make substitutions based on the game situation and the current composition of the opponent’s lineup.

Exercise team power ups – in FCF there are various power ups that currently be activated by fan votes – the power ups include Flip the Field, Offensive Power Play, Fifth Down and FCF’s version of an onside kick. AI would analyze the current game situation on a play-by-play basis and determine the best time to activate the appropriate power up.

Uphold/overturn refs call on the field – AI will utilize video analysis techniques to determine if the fans should vote to either uphold or overturn the refs call on the on the field. In the Man vs Machine scenario, the AI model makes the uphold or overturn determination without fan intervention.

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