Digital Collectibles

Collectible Moments capture the most exciting and memorable plays from games and events, allowing fans to acquire limited-edition highlights and make them part of their digital collections. Each Collectible Moment is minted as a unique token, certifying its authenticity and scarcity. These moments can be owned, traded, and showcased within the ecosystem. Fans can relive the exhilarating game-winning shots, breathtaking touchdowns, or stunning goals, all captured as exclusive digital assets. The key Moments become even more meaningful to fans through their participation in the Control Protocol, whereby their votes decide the actual plays that are run in the game - so when they vote for a game winning TD or a buzzer beating shot, they have a true connection to that moment forever.

IRL Benefits

NFTs within the Control Protocol ecosystem can have real world rewards. See below for some examples from Season 2.0 of FCF:

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