Fan Controlled Golf

FCG (Fan Controlled Golf) is a revolutionary golfing experience that merges the timeless sport of golf with the power of fan decision-making. FCG will feature a series of PGA tour sanctioned event featuring notable pro golfers alongside major golf influencers and celebrities.

Future Innovations in FCG

As FCG continues to evolve and expand, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of fan-controlled golfing experiences. We are actively exploring partnerships with prominent golfing organizations and renowned players to bring FCG to the global stage. By leveraging the latest technologies, embracing innovative gameplay mechanics, and listening to the feedback and suggestions of our passionate fan community, we aim to create a future where fan-controlled golf becomes an integral part of the sport.

With FCG, golf enthusiasts can not only witness the beauty and excitement of professional golf but actively contribute to its unfolding narrative. We invite fans from around the world to join us on this exhilarating journey, as we revolutionize the way golf is experienced and engage in a new era of fan-controlled sports.

Fans make decisions such as pin placement, club selection and shot type (fade, draw, etc).

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