Live Data

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and data analytics, we capture and utilize real-time game data to provide fans with a deeper understanding of the action on the field and to drive immersive and interactive fan experiences. Some data will be made free for all fans, while other data will be reserved for $CTRL holders exclusively.

Biometrics and Performance Metrics

Leveraging advanced technologies, we can collect and share biometric and performance metrics from athletes during live events. Through wearable devices and sensors, we monitor vital statistics such as heart rate, acceleration, distance covered, and more. This wealth of biometric data provides unique insights into the physical and mental exertion of the athletes, allowing fans to make better decisions in real time, or use the data for anything else that comes to mind.

Data Oracles and Blockchain Integration

To ensure the transparency, security, and integrity of results, a lot of data will be stored on-chain in real time. Smart contracts and decentralized networks facilitate the recording and verification of game data, creating an immutable and tamper-proof source of truth. This blockchain-based approach ensures that live game data remains transparent, trustworthy, and resistant to manipulation.

Data oracles act as bridges between off-chain data sources and the blockchain, enabling the seamless integration of real-time game data into on-chain experiences. Through secure and authenticated data feeds, fans can access up-to-date information, live statistics, and visualizations.

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