Open Sourced Protocol & Blockchain

Control Protocol is a high performance, high availability, extensible microservices stack running in geographically diverse Availability Zones within AWS. Services are underpinned by containerized and on-demand compute to support a massively scalable execution model. The data layer is also redundant and geographically diverse to provide resiliency and lightening fast response time.

The protocol exposes well defined, versioned REST and pub/sub interfaces which support all the necessary features and functions needed to power fan-facing applications across a variety of sports, as evidenced by the portfolio of sports properties supported today.

In order to support a thriving global ecosystem of diverse interactive sports applications and fan communities beyond those fielded by Fan Controlled Sports, Control Protocol will be providing open access to its platform via $CTRL. $CTRL will mediate interface availability, allocation of platform resources and data governance as well as the rewards systems for each application’s fan community.

Developers will be able to leverage Control Protocol and $CTRL to construct and power their own interactive sports applications or innovative new concepts based on existing sport genres. To support development of all types more effectively, Control Protocol will also be providing open access to existing data resources within the application stack governed by $CTRL. This will enable sports game developers to leverage a rich set of historical and current data/stats about teams, players and fan interactions as well as provide real time stats feeds during live events, enhancing development across various formats.

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