Here are the key participants in the $CTRL token economy:



Engage in voting, decision-making, and contribute to the growth of the community. They hold and spend $CTRL tokens to exercise voting power, influence team decisions, and earn rewards based on participation.

Athletes and Teams

Participants in sports and entertainment leagues and events utilizing the Control Protocol, contributing their skills and performance to the excitement of the games. They earn $CTRL tokens as incentives for their participation, aligning their success with fan engagement.


Provide capital and resources to support the development and growth of the Control Protocol. They hold $CTRL tokens as an investment and participate in the growth of the ecosystem.

Content Creators

Contribute to the visibility and promotion of the sports and entertainment applications of the Control Protocol. They create engaging content, live stream events, and share experiences with their audiences, driving awareness and attracting new fans to the ecosystem. These Content Creators are rewarded in $CTRL tokens and receive significant value by gaining access to the content and data created by teams and leagues using the Control Protocol and $CTRL.

Sponsors and Brands

Provide financial support, resources, and marketing opportunities for the Control Protocol and the sports an applications that utilize it. They collaborate to promote their brands and products, gaining exposure, visibility, and access to the growing $CTRL community.

Developers and Innovators

Contribute their expertise to drive technological advancements. They develop and improve the applications, smart contracts, data oracles, and other infrastructure components, fostering innovation and growth. Their efforts can earn them bounties in $CTRL.

Governance Participants

Actively participate in the governance of Control Protocol. They hold $CTRL tokens and vote on important decisions, ensuring the decentralized and inclusive nature of the platform. Their involvement helps shape the future direction of the Control Protocol.

Leagues and Properties

Sports and entertainment groups that serve as the primary application layer on the Control Protocol delivering content, competitions, experience and opportunities for fan voting. Their implementation of the Control Protocol creates a more engaging experience for fans and enables them to participate with and help drive the scaled reach of the community.

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