CTRL Foundation

The CTRL Foundation governs the Control Protocol, the goal of which is to create a dynamic ecosystem that brings fans, players, content creators, and sports and entertainment entities together in an interactive and rewarding ecosystem. The Foundation will utilize the expertise in sports, entertainment, and web3 of its founding partners to drive early adoption of the Control Protocol. The Foundation is charged with the establishment and maintenance of the web3 infrastructure, and ensuring smooth operation of the Control Protocol on a day-to-day basis. It will also facilitate the decision-making process for future functionalities via the $CTRL governance structure.

The CTRL Foundation will levy a small fee on certain transactions denominated in $CTRL. This includes fans purchases of merchandise and experiences, minting of player or event NFTs, and all marketplace transactions. Owners of $CTRL Tokens are granted voting rights on governance proposals, enabling them to influence the strategic direction of the Control Protocol.

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