$CTRL Token Holders

$CTRL Token holders can play an active role in the the management of the Control Protocol by casting votes on future initiatives. Each $CTRL Token is equivalent to one vote, and votes can be cast via SnapShot. A ten-day voting window will be standard for each proposal. Token holders are encouraged to propose innovative new ideas, modifications to the ecosystem, and other advancements of the protocol.

Here's how the process works:

  1. $CTRL Token holders can submit their proposals to the Control Council for consideration.

  2. Council members will review these proposals to ensure they are in line with the Control Protocol mission and vision.

  3. Approved proposals will be brought forward to $CTRL Token holders to vote.

  4. $CTRL Token holders can cast their votes on the proposed initiatives via SnapShot.

  5. If the vote is:

    • Successful - the Council oversees the implementation of the proposal.

    • Unsuccessful - no alterations are made.

The Control Council is responsible for ensuring the execution of the voting results.

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